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Calm & Composed: A Few Notes on How a Film Composer Conducts a Crisis

Sean Tinnion is a multi – award winning music composer for films, television, corporate & other multimedia productions currently based in Australia. Over the span of his young career, he has scored almost 40 short films based in Australia and overseas, including the UK and the USA, two of which earned him winner of ‘Best Film Score’ at the LA Film Awards 2019, winner of ‘Best Original Soundtrack’ at the Oniros Film Awards Italy and a nomination for ‘Best Film Score of 2019.’ He has scored 11 documentaries commissioned by ABC TV & SBS TV, including two 3- part series and a 10 episode documentary series for ABC iView which also got a 1 hour feature & earned him “Best Music For A Documentary” at the 2018 APRA Screen Music Awards as well as a nomination for “Best TV Theme.” So far, he has earned an accumulation of 11 awards and nominations for his scores and currently has two feature length documentary films in production for 2020/2021.

Sean Tinnion can be found on instagram @seantinnioncomposer

During the COVID-19 breakout, as a composer it’s not all that strange for me to stay at home as 95% of my job is done from my home studio with the other 5% being production meetings and outings. But during this crazy time (and with productions going into suspension) I’ve been lucky enough to still have a few productions that were previously filmed before the virus broke out, so they are now in post-production. Having said that, there are still a lot of projects that I think I would have been scoring this year which have all disappeared. With a bit of luck, I’m hoping they pick up again in 2021!

In-between the productions that I am working on, I’ve found more time to work on my own independent music which I release onto streaming stores. This includes an album I recently put out called “An Everlasting Serenity” which is a one hour meditative/easy listening album and I don’t think I could have released it at a better time given everything that is going on! Aside from writing music, I like to keep myself busy with home workouts and exercise. This really helps me stay focused and actually benefits me when I come back to writing music.

I think as a composer, it has been important for me to keep busy with writing even if I didn’t have projects to work on. Losing work that I had lined up for this year has left gaps of time in my calendar over the next 6 months, so I’ve decided to use that time to learn more about my craft, expand on my skillset and experiment with different styles of composing. I think it’s important for any composer to do this as it keeps us motivated and inspired for the next film, game, advert or whatever it may be that comes our way. I think with every production I work on; it’s always a learning curve and I always walk away from it with something new.

If everything starts up again next year within the film industry (which we are all hoping is the case) it looks like I might have a couple of documentary series, a computer game and a feature film in the pipeline. I’ve also been working for quite some time on a more up paced cinematic album, so I’d love to be able to get that moving again.

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