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Trixie’s Decades of Dolls: A Review

No matter where you are in the world, we are currently is some form of isolation, or lockdown. We’ve noticed just how reliant we are on creative content, whether it’s via a streaming service, YouTube, Podcasts, or television — and we’re quickly running out of content!

We all know Trixie Mattel in one form, or another — either as part of the LGBTQI community, Rupaul’s Drag Race, her observational documentary now on Netflix, from her various guests spots with YouTuber’s, or the World of Wow series “UNHhhh” with Katya Zamo.

She now comes to us, live from her home, both with Full Coverage Friday’s — where she does live streaming of song covers — or the newly formed Decades of Dolls; where Trixie takes us through the various fashion dolls released each decade, from her very own collection.

It’s interesting that something as mundane as a barbie doll holds such cultural significance, but through each episode we are educated on the history of these dolls, and how they were affected by the movements of each decade. These are easy episodes to watch, peppered with Trixie’s iconic humour, wit, and style — and let’s be honest, everything is better in pink!

Head over to Trixie Mattel’s YouTube and get started on the 60’s and 70s!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Editor-in-Chief at The Independent Press Co.

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