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Spotlight on: Beaufort St Songwriter’s Club

The Beaufort Street Songwriter’s Club has come a long way in a few weeks. The independently run collective has connected artists with audiences this past month, now that Perth (Australia) finds itself enjoying the relaxed conditions of Phase 4 restrictions.

Hosted at the 21st Amendment, an artisan space with industrial flooring, exposed brick, and a vibe that encompasses the New York Loft style aesthetic — there’s nothing but good times and chill tunes to decompress after this headache of a year.

The residency celebrated original music and songwriters from some of Western Australia’s local entertainment hubs.

Closing night of the Leederville Chapter saw Zellda, Sarah Strahan, Jere Sosa Music, and Morgan Joanel take the stage. Their eclectic range diversifying the atmosphere with each set.

Zellda’s stage presence was strong, her ability to engage with the audience and even instinctively react to some sudden tech difficulties made her a favourite. Her vocal style invoked thoughts of the Sylphid, an air elemental, with songs that were directly relatable to many. Sarah Strahan was similar, with a steady and clear vibrato and earthy tones. She was a soulful singer, with a lamenting voice that could lure you to the river — bringing to mind such talents as Kate Bush and Imogen Heap.

Pictured: Jere Sosa Music

Jere Sosa were a brilliant duo, utilising the jazzy deep tones of cello, and smooth tenor vocals — with Jere at times sounding like the lead of Radiohead. Morgan Joanel has a voice like whisky and leather, with an echo of a siren that keeps you under her spell.

The calibre of Perth talent is renown, due to our isolation as a city from the world, and especially during these times. Perth is slowly enjoying small venues and live performances, as we make our way back to our regular social lives. The Beaufort Street Songwriter’s Club has culminated the West Australian spirit, bringing us together during a heavy time, and injected a little more spirit into the community.

Due to their popularity, and audience engagement, by the end of their Leederville chapter the collective have been renewed another month! They intend to expand to another four locations in the metropolitan area, sampling the diverse range and talent the city has to offer. The Leederville Songwriter’s Club has booked the month of September to cater to emerging artists, whilst Beaufort Street SC will continue their brilliant work each Thursday, for the next two months.

Be sure to follow their journey on Facebook, and you’ll never miss out!

Editor-in-Chief for the Independent Press Co.

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