Music Review

“The Reason”, a Review


Local Perth band Big Orange have just launched their newest track, titled The Reason. The song stays true to the bands familiar alternative rock sound, but is definitely a noticeable and more mature direction in comparison from their previous work. The Reason starts off with an amazing intro that sounds oddly familiar, and nostalgic, then picks up the pace with faster drumming and repetitive vocals that set the tone for the rest of the track. Produced by drummer Jamie Gallacher and vocals by Daniel Davis, whilst their previous work sounded like Cold War Kids their new work is something closer to U2.

The biggest take away from Big Orange is the incredible level of mixing and production value that goes into their work. The distorted vocals and synth-like under tones really stand out, the fact that a band of this magnitude is able to consistently produce tracks at this quality is definitely noteworthy. Aside from the musical stylings of the band the visual aesthetics they’ve produced are also at a high quality that demonstrates a level of care and attention to detail. Big Orange are definitely setting a new standard for local artists and should be one to look out for. 

Big Orange’s new song The Reason was released on September 2nd and is now available on Spotify for your listening pleasure. 


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