Music Review

“Jericho”, a Review

Kings and Queens are moments away from releasing their newest track “Jericho” — describing themselves as a “traditional folk and Americana band that weaves Celtic infused harmonies” which blend between the genres harmoniously.

Originally from Fremantle, Western Australia and recently working in the United Kingdom, the duo have played at a multitude of festivals and venues across both countries — even featuring on line ups with Justin Townes Earle, Sierra Ferrell, Josh Pyke, Matt Gresham, Edgelarks, and Daniel Champagne, to name only a few!

Their latest single, “Jericho” encapsulates the essence of community and freedom, not uncommon amongst folk music. The track is filled with complex lyrics, and the narrative of a collapsing empire due to a destructive tyrant, seeped with biblical inspiration — with “themes and metaphors which are much better suited for today’s world leaders,” says Richard Glover.

“Our inspiration is drawn largely from fiction, history, myth and legends. Songs were a way of passing stories down through the generations, we want our lyrics to feel like stories from a different age yet still feel rooted in today’s world.”

Kings and Queens

The duo, consisting of Glover and Kaleisha Dutton, deliver a beautiful harmony of vocals, which compliment each other and provide depth of character. Both are extremely talented musicians; providing the percussion, and chordophones featured on the track. It’s hard to single out specific elements of the track, alluding to the level of production value in the single.

Compared to their other tracks, I feel like “Jericho” is much more refined, finding a comfortable rhythm that melds all of their best elements together. 

Kings and Queens will be playing at the sold out JarrahFall Folk Festival (Dwellingup, Western Australia) in early October as well as the Nanga Music Festival which takes place between the 16th – 18th October. Keep your eyes peeled on their Spotify and social media accounts to stay up to date with all the news regarding their next album.


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