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Songbird Review on Alexis Naylor’s newest album, “Pages from a Past Life”

Featured image by Steven Emmerson

Perth based singer-songwriter, Alexis Naylor presents her haunting treat of a debut album, “Pages from a Past Life”. Packed with deeply relatable content, the album boasts 9 songs and 4 audio tracks; taking us on a journey into Naylor’s in depth, decidedly emotional soul, therein which one can become adrift however chooses not to seek out an escape.

With a distinct sound similar to the Australian-esque tones of Delta Goodrem, Naylor studied at both JMC Academy and NMIT Melbourne, and now currently resides in Perth, Western Australia. Taking inspiration from family, she learnt to play piano in childhood; a homage to her dad’s favourite instrument.

Naylor’s first single from the album, “Casualty”, has been described by Naylor herself as “reflecting and questioning how one because of casualty of someone’s inability to love”. A song that stirs a strong emotional response in listeners, “Casualty” takes us on a journey of questioning and inquiry; repeatedly asking questions of: “am I the only one hurt? Am i the only one who cared? Did you love?” As humans, one of the strongest life events we react to and be impacted by is unrequited love, a classic fear of loving and not being loved in return, which is what makes “Casualty” a song that listeners can get taken away by, in a beautiful, melodic way, with echoing tones on mournful reflection.

“Pages from a Past Life” is available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud, with previews and merch at Naylor’s debut album overall touches on fears being realised in regards to love and loss.

You can also catch Alexis Naylor on The Sunset Tour with Mark Turner, performing on the 7th of October in Kalbarri, and the 9th and 11th in Exmouth.


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