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Wrestling with Mono-tone-y? Watch Sumo Sound Sessions | Review

Sumo Sound Sessions is an extremely compelling artist-led web series that showcases some of Perth’s emerging musicians created by  Director, Editor and Co-Producer Charmaine Murray. With a fully stacked production team, they deliver high-quality audio and visuals that are definitely going to leave you excited for the next episode. Videos are produced in their Osborn Park studios consisting of two sets — one Live performance that gives off a similar vibe to NPRS tiny desk concerts with an intimate and cluttered setting; with a follow up video (cutely titled Kickons) being a sit-down interview, hosted by Tristan Sturmer. 

Sumo kicked off their first episode with Perth trio FLOSSY with Lauren and Sinead O’Hara on guitar, bass and vocals and Charlie Smith on drums. For those unfamiliar, FLOSSY create punchy pop grunge songs that are filled to the brim with strong female energy. This is combated with their harmonious vocals that carry that slight Aussie dictation that gives it “afternoon sesh” vibes. FLOSSY have released two new tracks this year entitled ‘Carry On’ and ‘The Mess You Made’ which are both featured on Sumo’s live performance video. These songs follow a similar style of what we’ve come to expect from FLOSSY but with a real focus on pacing, both songs have dynamic peaks and valleys making them feel really fleshed out and exciting. Strumer’s interview is also extremely enjoyable to watch; being light-hearted and relaxed, he’s able to put his guests at ease while still asking some really thought-provoking questions that give a real in-depth look into the band’s formation and creative expression. 

For those unaware of Perth’s music scene, and what they have to offer, I feel like this series is going to be a great starting point. It’s incredible to see the Sumo team lead with such a strong concept and sense of style. It is clear that a lot of hard work and creativity has been poured into this project, which already boasts quality and construction in two sets of videos. It stands up, and stands out, unparalleled to what is currently being produced by leading music organisations in the Eastern States.

Sumo Sound Sessions featuring FLOSSY on YouTube

You can find out more by following Sumo Sound Sessions on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Make sure you give them a follow so you don’t miss out on seeing your favourite Perth artist featured!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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