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Alexis Naylor “Casualty Remix” Review

Naylor is orginally a Melbourne artists who’s recently moved to Perth, although she enjoys working on solo projects she can also be found co-writing, collaborating or playing for other local artists to keep busy. Her latest project has been a remix with Johnny Westwood on her previous single “Casualty” that was released earlier this year.

For those unaware “Casualty” is a rich and soulful pop ballad described by Naylor as a “process of reflection and questioning how one becomes a casualty of someone’s inability to love. Layers of hurt and broken trust, a tale of walking through heartbreak.” The weight of this topic is carried through by the heavy lyrics and sombre piano accompaniment. Naylor’s is similar to that of Celine Dion and Delta Goodrem, carrying weight behind standout vocals and natural instrumentals that accompanies the track without pulling too much focus. 

Naylor has collaborated with artist Westwood to create a brand new sound for this track which takes a lighter approach in comparison to the mood original. As a remix this single has a stronger focus on production and as a conscience looses some of the impact the vocals carry on the original track. However this track takes the original in a whole new direction for Naylor with a darker pop feel that modernises her stance with Perth’s current music scene. Although this may not be an ongoing style for Naylor to explore it’s definitely an interesting track that would be a great entry point for those wanting to explore the discography of an extremely talented local artist. 

Make sure you’re following Alexis Naylor on Soundcloud and Instagram, so that you don’t miss out on this new take of CASUALTY — coming soon!


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