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Ugly Virgins gets 4/5 – an emotional rollerdomination

Featured Image by Daniel Grant, left to right: Mikayla Merks, Danielle Antaki, Amber Kitney, Katie McAllister, Courtney Cavallaro.

From the superstars behind A Region Where Nobody Goes, and Toast, comes Ugly Virgins – a true wheels-to-the-wall tournament of fun, fear, and fury.

Showcasing in Blue Room’s Theatre (56) comes an energetic tale of women through the ferocious sport of roller-derby. United by their love of the sport (and nothing else), five women come together in a cavalcade of shitty dates, self-worth realisations, and sticking it to the man. 

Ugly Virgins is an expertly choreographed piece of physical theatre, with musical moments, and dripping with sweat and witty sarcasm throughout. Use of sound and music continued to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, with punchy dialogue that kept the humour rolling. The cast dynamic and chemistry were palpable, with a noticeable hint of star quality that reminds the audience of indie-punk favourites such as Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging and Whip It. Pop culture references peppered the hour-long production; with the use of silence and awkward moments was immediately felt, and strategically placed – running circles around the hearts of the audience.

Image by Daniel Grant

There’s definitely more to explore with Ugly Virgins with its 80’s aesthetic and dark undertones, it’s a production that could see a remount in the future, following in the prestigious footsteps of Scott McArdle’s Playthings, which recently had it’s debut at the Black Swan Theatre, after its Blue Room birth. Ugly Virgins is what Perth audiences have been craving since the pandemic limited our artistic consumption, and should be savoured sooner rather than later.

Ugly Virgins aren’t here to play nice, and they’ve got the scars to show it (most under the surface). This spirited work is available until June 19.

Editor-in-Chief, the Independent Press Company

Spotlight in the Creative Corner
Co-Writers & Directors: Sally Davies, Anna Lindstedt
Produced by Maiden Voyage Theatre Company
Performers: Danielle Antaki, Courtney Cavallaro, Amber Kitney, Katie McAllister, Mikayla Merks
Production Design: Eilish Campbell
Sound Design & Composer by Alex and Yell
Lighting Designer: Rhiannon Petersen
Stage Manager: Maddy Mullins
Skating Trainer & Consultant: Wheels McCoy
Directing Mentor: Emily McLean
Dramaturg: Alexa Taylor

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