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Things are BETTER with Noakesy

Noakesy’s Single Launch at The Sewing Room
August 06, 2021

To great success, Gus Noakes aka Noakesy, came out of the wood work last night and delivered an electric debut single launch at the Sewing Room in Perth, Western Australia.

Off the stone-streets of Wolf Lane, the emerging artist performed for friends, family, and a growing fan base as the night began in the underground nightclub, The Sewing Room. Supported by fellow musicians throughout the night; Kyle Charles Hall (opening act, lead guitar), Harry Crisp (drums), Kyle “Colby” Colburn (bass), Pavan Kumar Hari (djembe) and Christian Meares (guitarist); the artists conducted a mixture of classic rock favourites and their new sound. Many in attendance were either current, or graduate, students of the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts – proving the institution continues to churn out star-studded artists every year.

Originally a Newtown boy (NSW), Gus Noakes came to Perth to pursue music and performance in all aspects. From 10 he has been influenced by music, having picked up the guitar at an early age, and then worked his way into piano – which now he plays as his main instrument.

What artists have inspired your music?

“I listened to a lot of Elton John and Billy Joel growing up, they’re probably my main influences. But I’m also inspired by a kind of random smattering of bands and artists. For example, my everyday playlist has Oasis, ABBA, The 1975, Talking Heads, but then also a heap of Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, but also a bucketload of Biggie, Beatie Boys. Bit whack but anyway!”

What was the process like for BETTER?

Every instrument used, except for drums, is played by Noakesy on his debut track: BETTER. What began as a response to 2020, Noakesy had this to say about the single:

“It got to a pretty bleak point I think for everyone (2020) but then personally, I started to see things come on the up again. The lyrics in the song are inundated with references to other songs of mine, and references to really well-known artists.” Without realizing, BETTER became his anthem.

“I’ve also developed a kinda class ‘beat the shit out of the piano’ playing style which I think has come from playing in rowdy piano bars, such as the Old Synagogue in Freo, and having to play hard enough to be heard over the crowd. I think you can really hear that in BETTER.”

All musicians held weight and gravitas on stage, championed by Gus Noakes as he engaged with the audience in a way that was supernatural, and celebrated. Inspired by British punk, and classic rock, Noakesy delivers the flare and fame of the Eighties scene in spades, striking nostalgia with every strum and vocal harmony. Musically speaking, I wouldn’t be surprised to find Noakesy’s music on the next Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, or alongside Kyle Charles Hall on an independent film like Juno.

Noakesy’s debut single, BETTER, is available for streaming across all platforms. Be sure to follow them across all social media, to support these local emerging artists. Noakesy can be found at the L’Chaim bar at The Old Synagogue in Freo, with an upcoming single release at The Sewing Room in November — stay tuned!

Chief Editor, The Independent Press Co.

Images supplied by George Crisp

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