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No Longer in the “Corner” | Debut Release by Simone Strauss

New local singer, and songwriter, Simone Strauss, has just debuted her first single “corner” across all major streaming platforms.

The project comes after many months producing, but also a few years of self reflection and heart-ache. Described as a therapeutic song, “corner” is a dark-pop journal entry that everyone has written at some point in their life.

Strauss brings to life a haunting staccato, with acoustic vibes and empowering lyrics she co-wrote with Veronica Zurzolo from Perth’s Dolce Blue. The team, alongside Nic Rollo (Cloning), came together quite recently — with Strauss and Zurzolo studying at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts during an Arts Management degree. It wasn’t long before Strauss realised that she wasn’t just interested in being an agent for artists, but wanted to enjoy in the art form as well.

“I have always been very musically inclined,” says Strauss. “But I allowed anxiety and fear of failing to control my life. I kind of just woke up one day and though to myself ‘what have I actually got to lose?'”

Inspired to speak her truth after the social impact of the #MeToo movement, Strauss took to unpacking her memories and emotions, in to what can be felt with “corner”. This emotional power ballad is an anthem, a shield, and a shovel to her experiences — no doubt felt by the listener from the first chilling note, to the championed crescendo.

With an album on the horizon, “corner” brings Strauss in to the light of Perth’s artistic scene with artistry, honesty, and beauty.

To find out more, and to follow Simone Strauss’ journey, you can find her on Instagram and SoundCloud (as well as all other streaming services).

Featured image by Daniel Enright Photography

Chief Editor, The Independent Press Co.

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