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“Black Sky” brightens the soul | 5 Shooting Stars

Black Sky is a new release from local talent, Philip La Rosa, and letter of love and solidarity to his parents. Borne from the discovery of a late sister, the song tackles themes of loss, acceptance, hope, and purpose; making it an auditory-twin to the bliss-pop ballad of Paradise. Using dampened drums, and unassuming piano, Black Sky creates a space for healing familial bons, and provides a constellation of spiritual catharsis.

“Mum had a miscarriage quite a few years back, and it was something our family never spoke about. One day they gathered my siblings and I together, and opened up. We’ve been able to talk about it more openly since.” says La Rosa, on the inspiration behind Black Sky.

On the heels of a series of storytelling singles, Black Sky is poignant, soulful, and breaths in the reprise of nineties slow pop. La Rosa has made various hits based on personal and collected truths, and this single provides yet another peak behind the artist’s curtain. As the song reflects on living with the loss of a loved one, La Rosa interweaves light into burdensome dark, imbuing the vast emotional breadth of the song with a heartening degree of acceptance. 

“Mum mentioned to me that any time we (her children) come out of a tough situation, that our late sister is guiding and watching over us.”

A heavenly body of music, Philip La Rosa’s discography can be found across Spotify and Apple Music, be sure to work through his emotional annals today; from the virally resounding Pride, to the successful co-produced single Drowning, with ARIA winning Taka Perry. La Rosa’s consistently vibrant, compassionate, and intricate artistry has garnered unwavering support from radio and streaming platforms.

Black Sky is available to stream across all platforms, with a music video coming soon!

If this is your first time in the Rose Garden, be sure to check out his website here to be kept up to date on all new releases. 

Rating: ★★★★★
Featured image by ADB Imagery

Chief Editor, The Independent Press Co.

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