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“Sparkles” (2020) Review

Sparkles is a celebratory, joyous, and important short film written, co-produced and starring Tina Fielding (Different Lens), directed by Jacqueline Pelczar (Single Ladies), and produced by Cody Greenwood (Under the Volcano, Mystic Pines) from Western Australia’s Rush Films. The film follows Courtney (Tina Fielding) as she seeks to leave her past behind, and run away […]

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Wrestling with Mono-tone-y? Watch Sumo Sound Sessions | Review

Sumo Sound Sessions is an extremely compelling artist-led web series that showcases some of Perth’s emerging musicians created by  Director, Editor and Co-Producer Charmaine Murray. With a fully stacked production team, they deliver high-quality audio and visuals that are definitely going to leave you excited for the next episode. Videos are produced in their Osborn […]

Film & Television Literature Review

The Rook, A Review: Book vs. TV

Written by Daniel O’Malley, an Australian author abroad, The Rook is an interesting take on the superpower genre. Described as Bourne Identity meets X-Men, the series follows Myfanwy Thomas as she comes to terms with a new life, after having her memory and identity wiped. Through letters and paperwork left behind by her predecessor, she […]

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Calm & Composed: A Few Notes on How a Film Composer Conducts a Crisis

Sean Tinnion is a multi – award winning music composer for films, television, corporate & other multimedia productions currently based in Australia. Over the span of his young career, he has scored almost 40 short films based in Australia and overseas, including the UK and the USA, two of which earned him winner of ‘Best […]