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Are You Ready to Slam? WA Heats Final

Saturday, August 28… the FINAL of the 2021 Australian Poetry Slam, West Australian Heats. And what a month that was. New and old faces, a huge range of content, and of course, slams that make you think, shock you and leave you wondering, what the fuck did I just watch. This time in the MAIN […]

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Are You Ready to SLAM? WA Heats Round 3

AND just like that, somehow the heats for the Western Australian heats of the 2021 Australian Poetry Slam are over. Where did that time go? Heat three on August 21 saw a massive 15 poets take a final stab at getting into the final on August 28, once again at FOUR pm. Slamming starts at […]

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Are You Ready to SLAM? Round 2

HEAT two on Saturday, August 14 proved to be an even more popular slam (as these heats tend to be!) with 14 slammers hitting the stage. As Tonya said: “People usually get to heat two and go FUCK why didn’t I go in the first heat?” The slams this week dare I say were even […]

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Things are BETTER with Noakesy

Noakesy’s Single Launch at The Sewing RoomAugust 06, 2021 To great success, Gus Noakes aka Noakesy, came out of the wood work last night and delivered an electric debut single launch at the Sewing Room in Perth, Western Australia. Off the stone-streets of Wolf Lane, the emerging artist performed for friends, family, and a growing […]

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Ugly Virgins gets 4/5 – an emotional rollerdomination

Featured Image by Daniel Grant, left to right: Mikayla Merks, Danielle Antaki, Amber Kitney, Katie McAllister, Courtney Cavallaro. From the superstars behind A Region Where Nobody Goes, and Toast, comes Ugly Virgins – a true wheels-to-the-wall tournament of fun, fear, and fury. Showcasing in Blue Room’s Theatre (56) comes an energetic tale of women through […]